Aaaaand… launch!

Hello, friend! Welcome to the very first post of We Are Prophets!

My name is Dannie. I’m a girl, by the way! “Dannie” seems to be a bit of a unisex nickname, so I thought I’d clarify. Nice to meet you!

Now, I’m gonna go ahead and tell you I’ve been wanting to create this blog for such a long time. As you may have cleverly inferred, We Are Prophets is a blog about anything and everything under the sun — seen through a Christian (specifically, Catholic) viewpoint. The spirit of things is to talk about the stuff that really matters in life with anyone who feels like it. Everybody’s welcome and encouraged to stick around!

And, if you ever happen to disagree with something I say… well, please do say so! I always love to have a thoughtful conversation with a fellow truth-seeker. 🙂


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